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phx-IT has nearly two decades of experience with end-to-end design and implementation of network infrastructures, from small office networks to large corporate environments. We have had the privilege of serving a wide range of industries, spanning from national non-profits to international aerospace organizations. Our team members approach every project with the client’s needs top of mind, ensuring that their vision and goals are not only met, but exceeded. From the initiation stage through the close of the project, the phx-IT team delivers a quality product and unparalleled customer service.


Work with the client to define project goals and objectives. Authoring a well-developed project plan and roadmap is essential to the success of any project.

Establish and manage the project budget throughout the project’s lifecycle, with value engineering front of mind.

Time Management

Identify project timelines, milestones, stakeholder scheduling, and constantly reassess progress to ensure project stays on track.


Select cost effective vendors, equipment, and materials appropriate to the standards of the project.


Facilitate communications between stakeholders to ensure timely collaboration and resolution of any project roadblocks.


Identify, mitigate, and reassess risks and issues posed to the project to ensure timelines and budgets stay on track.


Perform stakeholder analysis, manage their respective taskings, and assure needs are being met.


Ensure quality is not sacrificed at the expense of speed and cost savings.


Collaborate with client team members and vendors to ensure a smooth integration of new products into existing infrastructures and/or processes.

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