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Ransomware 101: A Guide To Surviving Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware 101: A Guide To Surviving Ransomware Attacks Ransomware is a growing concern for businesses globally. As more companies rely on the internet to complete daily goals, the risk of a ransomware attack increases. Unfortunately, ransomware can lead to...

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Ransomware Detection Measures for 2022

The key to fending off modern ransomware attacks is to employ modern ransomware detection methods. Read on to learn about the newest and most effective ways to protect your organization from these modern attacks.

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Ransomware Attack – Should You Pay the Ransom?

Seems that everywhere we look today there’s another news story about a company falling victim to a ransomware attack. From the Colonial Pipeline Co. to hospitals and government agencies, no organization’s network security is impervious to these sophisticated...

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How to Avoid Being Overcharged by Your IT Company

Most organizations today depend on outsourcing at least some of the functions required to maintain their IT infrastructure. This may include physical repairs, network monitoring, or third-party antivirus and malware protection. Whatever service you’re paying for, knowing that you’re only being charged for the resources you use is essential to make any business relationship worthwhile.

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Dealing with Long Response Times from Your IT Provider

If you find yourself getting frustrated waiting for your IT provider to respond to your questions and problems, you're not alone. It's an unfortunate reality that many IT providers aren't as responsive as their clients would like. This lack of urgency can cause a...

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