How phx-IT Made Inc 5000 By Obsessing Over Customer Experience

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How phx-IT Made Inc 5000 By Obsessing Over Customer Experience

Every year, Inc 5000 recognizes companies that have shown stellar performance. But 2021 was different. This year, the Inc 5000 list reflects a number of particularly resilient companies – those who were able to thrive in the turbulence and uncertainty of the global pandemic. Amid a massively disrupted supply chain, crippling labor shortage and the sheer uncertainty of not knowing when things would get better, many businesses struggled to adapt. But during this time, there was also a tremendous amount of innovation and positive change.

This year’s Inc 5000 list reflects the companies who have shown resilience during an unprecedented time, and phx-IT is honored to be recognized as one of Inc’s top IT firms in the country.

How phx-IT Keeps Your Organization Secure

phx-IT is an IT firm that provides cybersecurity, incident response, ransomware defense, project management and tech support.

Helmed by Nathan Phillips, in the face of a rapidly changing market, phx-IT has chosen to double down on their client relationships. While their techs work tirelessly to find creative solutions for their clients, they don’t stop there. phx-IT’s team is trained to actively look for ways they can help the client’s team do their job better, faster and more efficiently. In other words, their real secret is customer service.

Rock Solid Project Management

If you take a closer look at phx-IT’s process, you’ll see that their magic begins far before the project does. Their project managers follow a rigorous process of figuring out the project’s scope, size and requirements. They make sure they know exactly what their clients need, and communicate clearly so clients know what to expect.

Specializing In Customer Service

Unlike your classic IT company, which may have a sparse selection of actual full-time staffers ready to respond to an ongoing incident, phx-IT believes in having a full set of boots on the ground. So they are scrambling when something comes up. As phx-IT sees it, they’re a customer service company that just so happens to provide IT. Their team is intentionally composed of personable, friendly techs who take the time to isolate the root cause of the issue, figure out the customer’s desired outcome and generally be as helpful as possible while doing it. There’s a reason “phx-IT” sounds like “fix it!” Put simply, that’s what their team is here to do.

phx-IT’s Sweet Spot: Combating Ransomware

In 2021, phx-IT celebrated 10,000 hours of helping businesses bounce back from ransomware attacks. Like a clandestine SWAT team, they work behind the scenes to help companies who have been trapped by malicious actors to recover their private data while taking minimum loss. Passing the 10,000 hour mark was huge for the phx-IT team because this milestone means they truly know the ins and outs of combating ransomware at every level. phx-IT’s team has mastered rapidly locating malware, walling it off from the rest of the system, combating it and most importantly, building a stronger system for the future.

What’s Next For phx-IT?

The team at phx-IT is excited to continue honing their skill as they learn more and more about providing stellar service for IT and combating ransomware in the 21st century. Ultimately, phx-IT’s vision is to be the premier IR / IT firm standing as the first and last line of defense against malicious actors around the world.

Please direct all inquiries to the phx-IT team by calling 602.207.8271, email us at or using our simple online contact form at

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