We can simplify your business in the following areas so that you can concentrate on the things that really matter.

Desktop Computer and laptop support


Computers are likely the life's blood of your business. Keeping them running smoothly is what we do. Less downtime for your employees = greater productivity for your business.

Mobile Device
Support and Email


Having the ability to receive and send emails while on the go is now a minimum expectation for most businesses. We can setup and integrate your mobile device with your office network, so that you don't miss anything important even while out of the office.

Company Email Setup and Exchange Server Administration


Email is surely one of the most important parts of your operation. Having a team that understands that importance and can properly setup and maintain your system is essential. We're experts at email, Microsoft Exchange, and spam so that you don't have to be.

Server Support,
Installs & Upgrades


Servers are the unsung heroes of any business network. Responsible for most of the heavy lifting of any organization, it goes without saying that their role is important. However for most users, servers are "Out of sight, out of mind." Until they break down, of course. We like to give them the attention they need so they feel appreciated. We've found that they're less likely to break down when they're happy and feel loved.

virus prevention
and removal


If your computer is unusually slow and unresponsive, you may have been infected. More importantly, your data is at risk of being stolen, encrypted, or deleted. We can manage your virus protection system and eliminate instances of viruses on your network to keep your data safe, and your network and computers running in top condition.

Data Backup
Solutions and
Proactive Monitoring


Your data is the soul of your business, but most businesses don't do enough to protect it. All hardware will eventually fail, but our goal is to make sure that it doesn't take your entire business with it when it does. We offer multiple solutions to keep your data safe and available.

Wireless Internet Systems Install and Configuration


With the prevalence of mobile devices now in the workplace, it's a minimum expectation that your business will have wi-fi. We can design and install a system that will not only provide you with connectivity, but will also provide your facility with ample geographic coverage of the signal and the ability to handle the large numbers of connections needed in most offices.

Hardware Consulting and Replacement


We stay on top of the latest technology so that you don't have to. When your computer, laptop, or server decides it doesn't want to work anymore, we are prepared to show you suitable replacement options and then make it happen to minimize your downtime.

Programs for
Computers and


We have found that on-site, in-person service is the best way to keep your computers and networks running efficiently. We offer several retainer programs to provide this service so that we can keep our actual fingers on the pulse of your network. It's all about being there to see your actual equipment so that we can quickly fix problems and prevent future mishaps. Remote IT firms can't do that.

Microsoft Windows and Office Upgrades


For any business with more than 1 computer, it can be daunting to do the necessary software upgrades to keep your operation running smoothly. Our experience and ongoing research will enable your business to get to the latest, stable, and secure updates without the risk, hassle, or downtime generally associated with the update process.