You're Too late.
We already broke the mold for the stereotypical IT tech.

We realize that great communication is the only way to solve your problems. And the best way to effectively communicate is to be personable. We pride ourselves on being approachable and personable first, technical second. Sure, the nerdy IT guy your company currently uses might be able to fix your problem, but he's awkward and will make you listen to endless stories about video games while he works on your computer. We're different. We listen and our clients like us because we're easy to talk to. This helps us to get your problem fixed more quickly, so that you can get back to work.

The phx-IT Team

Nathan Phillips


Nathan Phillips is the owner of Phoenix IT and has been the captain of the ship for over 15 years. He has a deep knowledge of the technical stuff, but has an even deeper knowledge of customer relations. He prides himself on not only being the guy who can fix your stuff, but on being the guy who wants to help your IT systems become the most productive tool in your business' toolbox.

Nathan plays guitar in his spare time whenever he's not serving as a wrestling opponent for his 2 year old.



Director of Technical Operations

Randy coordinates all of our technical operations including everything from client support to big facility network design and build-out. With over 15 years of field experience, he knows what works and what doesn't and will be glad to share his hard earned knowledge for the benefit of your business. Randy serves as the senior technical support unit for our team, but also loves to get his hands dirty working on problems in the field. His research and knowledge of new technologies always amazes the rest of us in the office.

Randy plays drums and has endless knowledge about Family Guy.


jake phillips

Director of Operations

Jake came over to phx-IT from the fast-paced world of logistics with a deep understanding of customer satisfaction. He is super personable and we brought him on so that he could showcase his talents to our present and future customers. His time in the US Army taught him a thing or two about commitment and he’s brought that commitment with him to serve our customers. Jake’s main focus is helping our new clients seamlessly transition over to our service model so that we can eliminate their IT problems. He also likes finding new clients who would like to use a more efficient IT service model to help propel their business forward towards success. He will ensure that your needs are met and that you are completely satisfied with your service.

In his spare time, Jake performs around the Valley as a stand-up comedian and enjoys spending time at the gym pretending that one day he’ll look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Josh bowe

Network Admin / Brand Champion

Josh has a real passion for taking on challenges and making customers happy. His background in the tech field as both a software trainer and customer service manager have helped him build a wide base of knowledge for all things computer related. This knowledge combined with his dedication to making sure all client systems are running optimally, make Josh a favorite with his clients. I have to warn you though, his enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious.

When Josh isn’t knee deep solving the world’s computer problems, he can be found cruising the neighborhood on his vintage Schwinn bicycle on the way to tear up some delicious tacos at his favorite spot.




Anthony LLoyd

Network Administrator

Anthony comes to phx-IT from the aerospace industry, and is no stranger to the demands that come with keeping an organizations network running smoothly. Anthony has the drive to resolve complex problems across any network. With over 10 years of experience resolving a wide-range of IT issues, and 5 years in customer service, Anthony not only can solve your technical problems quickly, but can explain how all the technical operations work within your environment.

On his off time, Anthony is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, motovlogger, and musician.

Matt barr

Network Administrator


Matt Loves everything technology, and has a strong background in an enterprise level environment with a boasted 99.9% uptime. If he’s not at work improving networks he is at home testing and applying new technology at his house. On his off time, he enjoys everything from bouldering (the best form of rock-climbing) to home improvements, technology driven or otherwise.

In West Tempe Matt was born and raised, on the computer is where he spent most of his days. Gamin, relaxin, actin a fool, winning some StarCraft late after school. When he got one little rootkit and then he got scared. Enrolled in classes so he could be prepared. He rolled up to the campus at a quarter till eight. Took out his ultrabook everything went great. Cleaned up his servers and knew he was there, to fill his throne as prince of serve airs!


Hector monge

Network Administrator


Hector is one of the newest members to the phx-IT team. A multi-talented individual, Hector comes from a background as a call center manager. However, his love of computers & technology has always been at the forefront. He enjoys being challenged and always makes sure that client's needs are always met. With his personable and upbeat attitude Hector is always a pleasure to have around in the office.

During is down time he enjoys DJ’ing events, producing and doing voice overs for commercials, and you can listen to him entertain you over the radio on the weekends, that’s if he isn’t being attacked by his 6 fur children!


Zack knibbe

Account Manager

Zack has an extensive background in technical sales working for companies like GoDaddy, Yodle and most recently Nextiva. The key things he has learned throughout his career is to be himself, take care of his customers, and let the rest fall into place. Zack will be your key point in transitioning to the IT services provided by phx-IT, and continue to be there for you when you need him. He enjoys networking and attending events to find that next client or strategic partnership that will benefit from the services of phx-IT.  Zack believes the team surrounding him at phx-IT is the true selling point of this business.

When Zack is not doing the usual family activities with his wife and 4 children, he is either catching up on the latest episodes of The Walking Dead or watching the newest Super hero movie to come out.

Feel free to reach out to Zack directly if you have any questions about how we can help you with your IT needs: