How Integrated Data Backup Solutions Increase Productivity and Reduces Costs

The risk landscape for today’s businesses is complex, diverse, and existential. Failure to implement a cost-effective backup strategy can spell disaster for your company. Cloud adoption is helping organizations to capture new value and accelerate operations for increased profitability.

Integrating data backup solutions into your IT infrastructure can increase productivity and reduce costs for your business. Here are the basics you need to know, and why you need an expert like phx-IT to assist.

Why Integrated Data Backup Solutions Are Essential for Businesses

Data is now one of the most valuable commodities you have in your business. Your resources need easy access to business information – while criminals are always lurking, trying to gain access to your data.

An integrated data backup solution is the best way to protect your information, but it also streamlines your operations and ensures business continuity in the event of a cybersecurity breach. Here are four reasons why you should have a data backup solution integrated with your IT infrastructure.

1. Flexible Backup Solutions

Whether you want to host your backups in the cloud or on-premises, you can develop a strategy that supports your business. With cloud storage, your service provider will host your backups, and you can access any of your files from any device. You also have the option to host your own backups on your private network and on-premises, although this requires you to maintain your own infrastructure.

Whatever your business strategy, phx-IT can help you implement an effective backup strategy that ensures business continuity.

2. Increased Operational Efficiency and Productivity

By backing up your data, your staff can quickly access any files or critical business information for increased productivity. This includes everything from your email archives to business documents and files, or even entire application databases. Depending on your operational requirements, you can develop a cloud backup strategy that makes it easy to retrieve any historic business information.

3. Reduced Costs with Increased Resilience

Maintaining your own IT infrastructure is expensive and adds risk to your operational resilience. When you use an integrated cloud backup strategy, you only pay for the space you use to store the backups and don’t have to commission new infrastructure that may be underutilized for years to come.

The costs related to backups include:

  • Software – You need a backup solution that allows you to schedule your backups and enables you to recover to a specific point in time, if required. The software licensing costs will differ between vendors and may increase if you have multiple users who need to have access to the solution.
  • Storage – The physical infrastructure that hosts the data is expensive to buy but also increases your overheads by consuming power.
  • Human resources – Even if you have in-house IT resources available, maintaining your backup strategy will increase their workloads – and if they miss anything, can put your business at risk.

Our integrated cloud backup solutions will help you cut IT spending without compromising on data availability. To realize greater cost savings, you should consider a managed IT services operating model.

4. Effortless Scalability

As your business grows and your needs change, you can easily adjust your backup strategies without dramatically increasing costs. With cloud storage and integrated backups, your business is free to grow at any pace and implement new digital technologies to improve daily efficiencies.

Securing Your Data with Integrated Backup Solutions from phx-IT

If you need a reliable and convenient backup solution to maintain your company’s critical business information, phx-IT can help. We’ll audit your current IT landscape and develop an integrated strategy for data backups, recovery, and business continuity. We can also assist with additional tools and services that help you cut costs and increase your operational efficiencies.

To discuss your data backup requirements with a team of IT experts, get in touch with phx-IT today.

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