Server Upgrades & Maintenance Essential for the New Remote Business Model

Server Upgrades and Maintenance Essential for the New Remote Business Model

Many businesses are facing a transformation to meet the needs of the newly changed workforce logistics going forward. Less than a third of US office workers have fully returned to working back at the office. One reason for this may be that the past year was an education to many employees – making them realize that the type of work they do can be done anywhere.

Small businesses have always had to compete heavily with large corporations for tech talent. For safety reasons, many of these IT employees have been working from home, some more than three days a week. Keeping your employees long-term matters, but at the same time, small businesses face new issues when it comes to data security. Can there be a middle ground between employee retention and keeping remote protocols for your workforce?

Many businesses are facing these issues today. A survey in mid-June 2021 gave surprising results about the attitude of workers, showing that overall, 39% of employees who have been working remotely would consider quitting if asked to return to the office full-time. The numbers were about 10% higher among millennials and Generation Z workers.

Remote Workers and Data Security Need the Right Technology

Only a minority of businesses are taking the need for a total business model transformation seriously. They are satisfied with the burst of online commerce that has reduced costs due to automation, reduced inventories, and smaller operating models. The issue is, this temporary increase won’t carry them into the future.

Business models that show resiliency are the ones embracing this shift in employee adaptation of work-from-home digital technologies. Even though businesses increased investments in cloud infrastructures by 35% in the first half of 2020, the widespread demand for more remote work options has IT managers and CFOs paying attention.

Remote Workers, Small Businesses and Large Corporations Require More IT Solutions

Strong server solutions are now a necessary component to many home offices to help ensure data security. Small businesses who have been considering switching to the cloud are finding that server technology is keeping up with their expanded data needs.

These new server solutions, like the Linux Server distro, are making the move toward expanding secure data points in home offices everywhere – and with expansion comes more affordable costs, allowing small businesses to implement technologies that were previously out of their budgets.

Check out this list of the top cost-effective home-office and small business servers in 2021:

  • Lenovo ThinkServer TS460: On the higher end, offers 64 GB Ram at approximately $1150.00.
  • HPE Proliant ML350 Gen 10: This one has great graphics support, can be incorporated into a rack server later, and starts at $799.00. This one is an affordable option for those businesses looking to provide servers to their remote workers.
  • Dell PowerEdge T40: Considered a bare-bones model, you will find it meets the needs of most business applications, has room for expansion and is extremely affordable at $599.00.

However, there are more than just costs to consider when implementing secure remote workforce technology. The biggest consideration for small businesses will be having an IT team or service vendor available for installations, repairs, and regular maintenance.

Solve Your Data Vulnerabilities

Ransomware and malware attacks are becoming far more prevalent. When your network of employees is handling company data in locations across the city or around the world, your company is still responsible for the proper handling and protection of proprietary information and personal data.

Here at phx-IT, we can guide you through the process of maximizing your business productivity while taking the risks to your data off your mind. We’ll help you with choosing the right technology, installation, maintenance, and service to ensure security for your remote workforce while increasing productivity. Phx-IT is a leader in technology services that include hardware support, mobile and email integration, server support, installations, upgrades, and more.

If you are looking for solutions to your small business transformation, we can phx-IT for you.

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